Alloy wheel refurbishment

Diamond Cut alloy Refurb

Refurbishing diamond cut alloy wheels requires the use of a specialist lathe, to cut back the face (and cut out the damage), then reapply several coats of lacquer to bring the wheel back to its original look,We work with many customers who simply need to return the vehicle back to the pcp company we ensure the highest quality, only specialized equipment will bring the desired shiny diamond cut results.

Wet Blasting benefits

  • Dust free process.
  • Cleans by flow of water not by impact.
  • Simultaneously degrease & blast clean.
  • Water acts as a lubricant between media & component.
  • Promotes longer media life Produces a 'softer' finish.
  • Avoids media impregnation on soft materials.
  • At Sedgley we use the latest wet blasting methods for your alloys.

alloy Colour changes & BRAke Caliper painting

Refurbishing a damaged or old wheel is a much cheaper alternative. Additionally, refurbishing can help your wheel last longer and delay the need for a replacement when included as a regular part of vehicle maintenance,At Sedgley garage we can work around brake calipers we can remove refurb and paint then fit back onto your vehicle.

We use the safest products for your alloys

  • Strips at temperatures from 70°c to 85°c
  • Outstanding, proven performance in bench tests against competitors products
  • Short strip time for many OEM primers
  • Faster strip time for polyester hybrids and varnish on recoated wheel
  • Safer to use than traditional cold acid wheel strippers
  • Acid free, safe on magnesium wheels